I’m La Tetra, Founder + Owner  of Aliwaza’s. This is my crystal apothecary.


Nothing is by chance; especially this meeting. Everything we’ve done to lead up to this moment was divinely orchestrated to get us here.  It would be a shame to not proceed with as much intention. Customizing everything from our relationship to the products you purchase from our shop to the information you receive from us is my greatest joy.  We’re excited enhance our earthly experience by learning more about and exchanging with you.


Our process is simple. Do unto others…We aim to provide the same love, quality and attention to detail that we would expect from anyone handling our crystals, yoni care items and spiritual advice. Our every action is a tribute to that creed. Our crystals are hand chosen, our body care is handmade, and our intentions are pure. Always.


Aliwaza’s has served over 2000 unique customers since 2015. That’s a lot of consultations, waist beads, body care, crystals and yoni eggs. We hope that through the Aliwaza’s brand, we can continue provide the customizable experience customers and clients come back for.

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Aliwaza’s is a subsidiary of She Dreams LLC
Bowie Maryland 20716