How to Insert Your Yoni Egg: A Simple Guide to Yoni Egg Insertion

How to Insert Your Yoni Egg: A Simple Guide to Yoni Egg Insertion

Last week, I gave you some tips on how to remove your yoni egg. I didn’t lose my mind, y’all. I shared those tips first because I get more messages from people asking, “how do I get it out?” than from people asking, “how do I get it in?” Remember: If I have not covered a subject that you want me to touch on, you can contact me and I will address your question(s) in a blog post as soon as I can. You may also schedule a consultation with me for some personal, less filtered guidance. So Let’s get down to it; shall we?


Note: Please do not insert your yoni egg until you are completely comfortable.

Here Are Some Quick Tips For Inserting Your Yoni Egg (Into Your Vagina)

  1. Prepare your mind and body and egg for yoni egg use.
  2. Warm your clean, charged crystal by rubbing it against your clean skin. Consider massaging your breast and nipples with the egg to stimulate your endocrine system where sexual energy is stored. This action will assist with natural vaginal lubrication.
  3. Gently massage the areas around your vagina until you feel comfortable bringing it closer to your vagina
  4. When You feel like you’ve produced enough lubrication, enter your egg blunt/fat/wide side up. Your egg should go in without resistance or friction.

Note: Some women may opt to use their favorite natural lubricant to make their insertion process easier. Coconut oil is natural, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is relatively inexpensive.


What are some difficulties you have when inserting your yoni egg? Comment below!



Help! My Yoni Egg is Stuck! An Easy Guide to Removing Your Yoni Egg

Help! My Yoni Egg is Stuck! An Easy Guide to Removing Your Yoni Egg


I’ll try to keep the pleasantries to a minimum since you’re probably in an emergency. So hi, girl!

Your yoni egg is not stuck. It is exactly where it wants to be – doing the work you told it to do. Fortunately, it will come down when it is ready; but, you can rest assured that your crystal is not roaming around your body as it can only travel as far as your cervix.

If you have purchased a yoni egg or sphere and have worked up the nerve and trust to insert it into your body, you should have also embraced the entire process. This includes naturally expelling your crystal. Crystals have the tendency to stick with us until it either completes the job or has made significant progress in its work. I encourage you to trust the process and not be afraid that the crystal you once trusted will betray you. It is completely common that crystals stay in the vagina from a few minutes up to 24 hours and beyond. Do not doubt the process – your process. Don’t worry. Since you are using a crystal that is safe enough for yoni insertion, this does not put you at risk for toxic shock or many other crazy things that happen to vaginas.

With that aside, sometimes you may need or desire to interrupt your session with your egg and expel it earlier than planned. I’ve listed a few reasons why my customers and clients have had to remove their yoni eggs and spheres early.

Why Would You Want Remove Your Yoni Egg?

Some reasons you may need to expel your egg in a hurry include:

  • Expecting your period
  • Possible sex with a person you don’t want to share your egg with (it happens)
  • Visiting your gynecologist
  • Lack of confidence wearing your yoni egg in public (ex: fearing it will fall out)

The list goes on.

When I get these emergency calls, I do my best to calm my client down. It is important that you try to relax so that your pelvic muscles doesn’t contract and create a stronger hold on your crystal.  Your vaginal muscles will continue to tense from stress so make sure you aren’t trying to remove your egg in panic mode.

Here is how to remove your Yoni Egg in a pinch

  1. Wash your hands with a gentle cleanser.
  2. Breathe deeply and relax.
  3. Do a few Kegels to loosen the grip on your egg or wiggle it out of your vagina. Think of the way you would play with a loose tooth,
  4. Squat or sit over the toilet. If you are not wearing underwear and/or squatting over the toilet, make sure you have a hand cupped under your vagina to catch the crystal.
  5. Make rapid contract and release movements with your vagina. You know the ones.
  6. Make one final release.
  7. If the egg needs help leaving the vagina, hook your clean finger around the loosened egg and go up there and get it.
  8. Wash your hands and crystal. Store your crystal in a dark pouch or near your charging station to prepare it for its next use or charging/clearing session.

You may choose to use a yoni safe lubricant to assist with this process.

If you absolutely not willing to  go through all of this, consider buying yoni eggs that have polished, drilled holes. You can insert a vagina safe string into the hole and pull it out when you are ready.

I hope this was helpful! Now make you some tea and go get that egg! Let me know if this has worked for you in the comments below! 


Yoni Eggs are Dangerous and Toxic? A Practical Guide to Choosing Your Next Yoni Egg Wisely

Yoni Eggs are Dangerous and Toxic? A Practical Guide to Choosing Your Next Yoni Egg Wisely


I’m glad you’re here, though. Actually, Yoni Eggs are not inherently dangerous or toxic. They are safe for any healthy vagina* to use. Be that as it may, the on and off trendiness of the ancient sacred practice of using crystals for womb wellness has been a catalyst for widespread misinformation about what yoni eggs are — and what they aren’t. Likewise, many sellers who make yoni eggs available to their customers are often selfish with information; leaving their customers bewildered when they go to buy their second and third eggs from other crystal ladies. More honestly, some people just like yoni eggs, but, don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. So, what is the actual danger here? Uneducated “Yoni Egg” purchases made from undereducated sellers and the customers that trust them. Did you know that only certain crystals and stones are safe for vaginal insertion? Keep reading to learn wtf.

There are a number of terrible things that can happen if you choose the wrong yoni egg. Some women have experienced their crystal rusting after using it in their vaginas or not drying it after a cleansing. Other crystals can actually dissolve or start to desintegrate in your vagina. Finally, some crystals are just flat out toxic. These are just a few common mishaps that can occur as a result of using the wrong crystals as yoni eggs.

So, “How do I avoid the wrong crystals?” you ask. Here is a very quick tip: With the exception of obsidian crystals with a Mohs Hardness of 5.5, you should only only insert Yoni Eggs made of crystals that have a Mohs Hardness of 6.5 and higher. You don’t have to be an expert to do your Googles before your Kegels (although a responsible seller will definitely have or help you researh the information you need with your purchase.) 

The Good News

Before I get to the bad news, here are some crystals that are usually suitable for your yoni. The below crystals can withstand body heat, moisture, extensive cleansing and prolonged submersion. Additionally, they are hard crystals and are less prone to micro scratches.

  • Natural Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Jade
  • Most Jaspers
  • Carnelian
  • Obsidian

When buying from a crystal carrier who knows their stuff, your egg — from the list above — should be completely smooth (as opposed to being jagged) and all surface imperfections should be buffed and polished. If there are jagged cuts or crevices and cracks in your egg, do not insert it into your vagina. Use it for decoration as an ethical yoni egg seller will not accept your return for very obvious reasons.

The Bad News

Regrettably, I’ve seen the following toxic crystals sold as yoni eggs.

  • Any dyed crystal  – Some dyes are toxic
  • Angelite – This crystal contains lead
  • Chalcopyrite – This crystal contains sulphur
  • Chrysocolla – This crystal contains copper
  • Fluorite – This crystal contains fluorine and other toxic chemicals
  • Galena – This crystal contains lead
  • Labradorite – This crystal contains aluminum
  • Lazurite – This crystal contains sulphur
  • Malachite – This crystal contains copper.
  • Orpiment – This crystal contains arsenic
  • Rhodochrosite – This crystal contains lead
  • Selenite – When dissolved, this crystal is toxic to the body
  • Serpentine – This crystal creates asbestos in its fibrous form
  • Sodalite – This crystal contains aluminum ( I almost  sold one of these last April and had a “yoni sphere” listed in my store two weeks prior to writing this article)
  • Sunstone – This crystal contains aluminum
  • Tiger’s Eye – Contains asbestos fibers that can break off ( Sold a few non porous versions with this disclaimer and used one in the past. If your egg is broken or porous, throw it out!)
  • Turquoise – This crystal contains copper
  • The list goes on

You should avoid insertion of the following crystals for various reasons. Some crystals are repeated from the list above.

  • Any cracked or chipped eggs or eggs with unpolished imperfections.
  • Calcite – This crystal will dissolve over time
  • Chalcedony – This crystal is porous and will carry bacteria
  • Hematite (and other metallic crystals) – This crystal oxidizes with moisture and is prone to rusting
  • Pyrite – This crystal can convert to sulfuric acid
  • Rutilated Quartz – The fibers of this crystal could be rough or break off. This crystal can also carry bacteria
  • Selenite – This crystal will dissolve in moisture and is easily broken
  • Tourmalinated Quartz – This crystal can be rough and harbor bacteria

Incidentally, I posted a very short version of this article two years ago and upset a lot (a few. I’m not that poppin’) of veteran Yoni Egg sellers and users. They blocked me on Instagram, y’all. If you’ve been rockin with me from the beginning, you know how skimpy it was. I have rewritten this article because my knowledge has expanded (and is expanding every day) and I will keep updating this article as we learn more together. Whether you are an egg buyer or an egg seller, I hope to expand or encourage you to expand your knowledge as well; and hope that you will respectfully check me and update me on any missed information (if and when you see fit.)

The long and short of it is: There are other important things you must consider outside of beauty and energetic compatibility.  Be wary of your Yoni Eggs. Be wary of the education and intentions of your seller/gifter. Do your own Googles. It’s free. Share your yoni egg story at the bottom of this page!
*Consult with your physician before incorporating any new exercise program.