7 YouTubers Who Have Helped Me Unlearn Self Fat-Shaming

7 YouTubers Who Have Helped Me Unlearn Self Fat-Shaming

One year ago I was 130 lbs. Today I am 5’4 and 162 lbs. I’ve managed to pack on 32 lbs of fat in just 365 days. WTF. My weight has fluctuated my entire life. Now that I am 27 and at my largest, I am finding it increasingly difficult to love my reflection and own my new body. Who can blame me? Everytime I turn on the interwebs and click on the YouTube, I am flooded with new ways to become skinny.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a good workout, meal plan, fast, diet tea as much as the next fit chick, but, those things fail to motivate me when I’ve fallen off the fit girl wagon. Getting in shape and staying in shape are two of the hardest things I’ve ever done (over and over again). It’s comforting to hear a reassuring voice when I can’t be one to myself. I am learning to love my thickness because it’s mine! Will I stop working toward a healthier body? Absolutely not. However, thanks to this inspirational bunch, I will not shame myself into a thinner version of me. 

Here are 7 YouTubers that helped me unlearn Self Fat-Shaming

1. Scola Dondo

Pictured Carla S.

I’ve been following this UK based YouTuber for a really long time. I was so proud of her weight loss and lived for her fitness tips and tricks. Now that she’s sporting a thicker body due to hypothyroidism, I’m so blessed to be on the receiving end of her beautiful body positive message. If I could swoon over her new body, I could certainly learn to love mine more.

2. Withney Denis

Pictured Carla S.

I stumbled upon Whitney's open and honest video a few months ago. I was completely floored by her vulnerability and light-hearted candor. She even inspired me to record my own (short lived) weight loss journey. Besides being extremely gorgeous, her optimism about getting in shape makes me smile. Her reasoning for getting in shape are so relatable. I am so glad that she began sharing her weight loss journey. She hasn't posted in the while, but I am so grateful for what she has posted.

3. Day1 Million

Pictured Carla S.

Summer lost 210 lbs naturally, so, I'm here to listen to whatever she has to say. She is not only about the aesthetics of weight loss; she also focuses on getting your mind right. Although all of her ten tips in this video are phenomenal, the most important tip is number five and seven. She's holistic health excellence!

4. Yanie Redd

Pictured Carla S.

Body positivity isn't all about frolicking through sunflower fields and hugging your fat licking ice cream. Body positivity is owning your look and learning how to work it.

No one ever learned me on the wonders of thickness. Sure, all the women in my family got back,,.and front...and sides, but, there was no official initiation or training session on being thick, having fat, or embracing my curves. Yanie has taken it upon herself to bless us with an owner's manual for curvy bodies. I feel so much better now that I'm handling my scandal.

5. Jaz Jackson

Pictured Carla S.

Jaz wanted to heal mentally, physically and spiritually. Naturally, through working on her WHOLE self. Though she lives with depression (and subsequently stress eating), she was able to healthily drop 50 lbs (at the time of this video) by reclaiming control over her life. Jaz discusses why and how she broke the vicious cycle of depression and overeating. Her motivational pep talk to herself is a pep talk to us all.

6. Danielle from Hissyfit

Pictured Carla S.

First of all, the name of this series on her channel just gives me all the life! Please know that I will continue to Stan for Fat and Fly AF even when I am skinny and fly af. Danielle's spirited commentary on body positivity truly makes my rolls jiggle. Check her out here.

7. Edyn Jacks

Pictured Carla S.

She's right! We should be able to live our lives and love ourselves the entire way. Wanting to lose weight as a fat girl does not mean I hate myself. My knees hurt when I run. I'd like for that to stop. Bye.

A few days ago, I was so afraid to call myself the "F" word. Today I am happy to be fine, fabulous and a little fat. Oh, but, I'm working on it and loving myself all the way! Tell us your story about unlearning self-shaming (fat or otherwise).

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7 Habits of Fucklessly Happy People…Who Happen to Live with Depression + Anxiety

7 Habits of Fucklessly Happy People…Who Happen to Live with Depression + Anxiety

Don’t you hate it when you say, “I’m feeling kinda down” or “I’m just a little depressed” and someone hits you with that “All you have to do is…” nonsense? Me too. The obvious truth is: if taking those thoughtless suggestions were all we had to do, we’d all be tripping over our own damn happiness. 

Now, look. One thing I discovered on my “journey to happiness” was that worrying about being happy was worrying, nonetheless. Likewise, mourning past happiness stressed me out even further. I eventually started giving minimal fucks and accidentally discovered the secret to creating my own happiness.

Here are 7 Happy habits I was able to develop whilst being fuckless, Depressed anD Anxious.

Pictured Carla S.

1. I Practiced Gratitude: Focused on the positive.

Positivity is relative, so, when I am given the suggestion to focus on it, I tend to short circuit. Sometimes asking someone to focus on the positive is a subtle way of telling them to ignore pressing issues like bills, assignments and other shitty responsibilities. Incorporating deliberate gratitude into your speech and actions is actually more positivity-focused than trying to focus on being positive. 

Try Saying: I’m thankful for another healthy day on this earth. I am fortunate for two healthy parents.

At least I have my health. My parents could be dead, but, they aren’t.

Pictured Carla S.

2. I Found My Thinking Place: I Meditated.

Meditation is actually really good advice and is almost synonamous to finding your thinking place. But, when an anxious or depressed person hears “meditate,” their mind automatically focuses on the “how.” Contrary to popular belief, meditation should allow for sorting through one’s thoughts and then freeing oneself of them. Anxious and depressed people tend to place a huge focus on the latter and try extra hard to outrun their minds instead of reprogramming it. Find out where your best thinking place is. This may or may not involve candles, dried herbs and chanting. My thinking place is the toilet (unashamed). Remember, you have to actually have a thought in order to work on reprogramming your mind to think differently. So if you can not “empty your mind” at first, it will come with practice.

Try Saying: I’m going to (insert specific activity that allows you to stop, think and reprogram).

Im going to meditate tonight.

Pictured Carla S.

3. I Practiced My Smile: I did fun shit.

When I’m feeling like shit, dragging myself out of the house make me feel like…a pile of shit in a public place. A lot of people that have not dealt with anxiety or depression will insist that “you must get out and mix and mingle. See and be seen. Your loneliness is causing you to blah, blah, blah.” Actually, the last thing any of us wants to do is parade our mental illness around at the club or bowling alley. What has been more helpful to me over the years is practicing my smile. Besides laughing at myself for looking like a complete jerk, smiling triggers actual positive thoughts (see point one). Smiling forces you to react/respond on your own terms. This is a great alternative to bawling when someone offers you fries at the bowling alley.

Try: Smiling in the mirror and making your cheeks touch your eyes until you have a really good cry, hearty laugh, or both.

Put on your best clothes to force yourself to have fun when you feel like hot molten trash.

Pictured Carla S.

4. Helped Someone: Volunteered.

One thing that caused my unhappiness was feeling useless. Sometimes, the world seems so big and it makes us feel so small. Guess what. The world is big, and we are small, so, when we go out to volunteer in hopes of making a huge difference, we are often supremely let down. Helping gives us that perfect balance of selflessness and superiority that we need to feel like useful humans. Being an asset to a single person, place or thing at a time is another way I’ve created my own happiness and  found a way to responsibly give less fucks.

Try: Helping your sibling tie a tie, watering your plants, leaving your table at Wendy’s free of debris. Work your way up to being a bigger asset.

Community service.

Pictured Carla S.

5. Identified My Sleep-Wake Cycle and Abided By It: Got more sleep.

You cannot fix everything with sleep. However, knowing when to go to sleep is key.

Try: Resting when you need to.

Catching up on sleep.

Pictured Carla S.

6. Make Deliberate Movements: Work Out.

If it isn’t your natural, go-to, feel-good thing, working out is scary af. Working out helps me get my mind right and significantly boosts my mood, however, it took me a while to get here. I start out with small deliberate movements. It allows me to go on missions I can actually accomplish.

Try: Getting three meals in. This requires you to go get food from your kitchen or the store. It is deliberate ant the food is a physical representation of your accomplishment.

Planning a work out.

Pictured Carla S.

7. Planned a Trip: Traveled.

I am far to broke to go everywhere I want to go, but, that does not stop me from planning trips. Planning out full trips has helped me keep my sanity. I have serious wanderlust and a hilarious bank account. LOL. It actually doesn’t have to be a trip. Planning anything gives me something to look forward to and a place to focus my energy. I’ve actually gotten a chance to take some of the trips I’ve planned in my head.

Try: Planning something and marking it on your calender.

Running from your situation.

What are some things you do to promote fuckless happiness when anxiety and depression are a thing? Let us know in the comments or submit your own story!

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