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How to Measure for Waist Beads

It’s Easy! Hey! You’ve already read What are Waistbeads? Did you know that women wear their beads up and down their torso? Under the boobs, ribs, belly, hips, etc. Wherever we place them, we want to make sure we get the perfect fit. Keep reading to learn how to get the perfect fit every time.  Use […]

What Are Waistbeads?

Chana in Waistfetti Waist Beads

They’re Old, Honey! There is nothing new under the sun; especially meaningfully adorning our bodies. That is why when people refer to or dismiss waistbeads as a “fad” or a “trend” I cringe a little. With origins in West Africa, waist beads have been worn by African girls and women for centuries. With the emergence […]