Get a new set of waist beads each month. Seriously.

Looking to get back into the habit of treating yourself…or someone else. Your hand crafted crystal waist beads are on the way!

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Here’s How It Works

Your first set of the month is sent seven (7)  days after your initial order.

A new set will be sent every month unless otherwise specified.

Cancel anytime through PayPal.

So wait! That’s one or more sets of waist beads per month until you opt out!

Note: All sets stretch and have a clasp!


As of November 28, 2017, we  now offer multiple plans to suite your needs!

Get one strand of Wasit Beads month to month for $25 set

Get two strands of Waist Beads (one set that wraps twice) month to month for $40 each set

Get one strand a month for an entire year for $15 each set

Get two strands (one set that wraps twice) a month for an entire year for $28.34 each set


I know #WAISTGANG is a journey. Change your size here. No questions asked. As long as your waistbeads have not been created, I will send you your new size from this point on. (You may also change the size of your beads to give them as a gift. Just saying.)


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