How to Measure for Waistbeads

Hey! You’ve already read What are Waistbeads? Did you know that women wear their beads up and down their torso? Under the boobs, ribs, belly, hips, etc. Wherever we place them, we want to make sure we get the perfect fit. Keep reading to learn how to get the perfect fit every time. 

Use a measuring tape or a string. Do not use manufacturer clothing sizes as a gauge for your waist size.

  • Measure yourself on bare skin. Do not wrap your tape or string over your clothing (unless you plan on wearing them over your clothing).
  • Wrap snugly. But, not too tight.
  • Don’t suck in your stomach. Your size is your size. And that is perfect, mama! You want your beads to fit and you want them to last.
  • Typically, you should measure right below your belly button. If you have a belly, measure underneath it. Measure lower or higher, you should measure to accommodate that preference.
  • If you will be wearing your waist beads to help you lose or gain weight, measure on your belly. As you lose weight, they will fall. As you gain weight, they will stretch.
You can find this information under all Aliwaza’s waist beads product listings.

Here's a Cool Trick

If you are purchasing waist beads that wrap twice in a custom order or like the ones offered to the Waist Beads of the Month Club Members, we have a little trick for you. Let’s say your waist measures 34 inches. You probably don’t want both of your waist bead layers to sit on the same spot. Measure both spots you’d like your waist beads to sit. That may be under your navel (34 in) and right above your butt (40 in). To find your perfect measurement, add those two measurements together and divide by two. 34 in + 40 in = 74 in / 2 = 37 in. Thus, you should denote your measurement as 37 inches to accommodate both areas of your torso.


When Should I Size Up or Down?

All of our waist beads stretch just enough for comfort, but, not so much that they become distorted on their own. When your waist beads start to look a little stretched put of shape, you should remeasure your waist or measure the newly stretched waist band so that you may either have your old set restrung or purchase a new set at your new measurement. 

Contrarily, your waist beads may become too large due to weight loss or body sculpting. Not to worry. Just remeasure your waist or measure the slack that you want removed and denote your new waist size accordingly!

We hope you’ve learned a little or a lot in this brief article. Look out for future posts on waistbeads and more! SHOP WAIST BEADS HERE!





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