Your crystals will be cleansed and cleared before shipping. Please be patient with the process.

Kit Contents

  • One Medium Carnelian Yoni Egg
  • One raw Citrine cluster – You can use citrine to clear your crystal.
  • One raw Amethyst Cluster – You can use amethyst to calm your crystal’s energy.
  • One raw Carnelian pocket stone – You can use sodalite to focus the energy of your stone.
  • One small pouch of marigold – You can use this herb in as an herbal soak.
  • One sage bundle – You can use this sage to cleanse your space or the crystals in your kit. (don’t forget to open the windows.)
  • One egg stand – You can use this stand to “display” your egg.

Egg Height: 1.8 in

Egg Width: 1.5 in

All items in the photo are true to scale.

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