Crystal Counseling + Yoni Egg Consultation


Your consultation with Aliwaza will bring to light and/or confirm healing blockages. During and after our session, Aliwaza will determine which crystals, practices and meditation techniques will best assist you in activating, aligning and healing your energy centers. You may choose to ask about any product in the store (or in another store).

This consultation is also for women who wish to purchase a yoni egg from Aliwaza’s or elsewhere or who have questions about their current yoni egg practice. Together, we will determine which crystal yoni egg(s) will best assist you at the current phase of your womb and general healing journey.

Our sessions can last up to one hour and can be conducted via phone, or video message depending on your comfort level. Aliwaza will email you to schedule your session. Your first order placed within five (5) days of a consultation will be 50% off. You will receive a coupon code shortly after our discussion.

I can’t wait to chat! Bring a snack!