Entrepreneurial + Creative Resources for and by Black Women + Femmes.

For Product-based brands


Marketplace x Aliwazas is a communal e-commerce platform for Black women and femme-owned, product-based brands. Accepted sellers can create their own shop, add products, and monetize their brands in a selective, boutique style marketplace.

We create and curate entrepreneurial + creative tools that center Black women + femmes while uplifting, celebrating + entertaining the same.

For Content Creators


Mag x Aliwazas is a communal blogging platform where Black women and femmes can publish their best written work on all topics. Creators can submit and publish stories curating a collection of their own writing to use at their discretion.

We believe in creating and curating specialized platforms and educational tools that double as safe spaces for Black women + femmes throughout their creative + entrepreneurial journeys.


Make yourself at home on one or more of our platforms created just for you.