4 Quick and Simple Steps to Taking Better Product Photos…Even as a Beginner

4 Quick and Simple Steps to Taking Better Product Photos...Even as a Beginner
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Choose natural lighting.

Switching from an artificial lighting source to natural lighting can make all the difference in your product photography. Shoot your subject in natural day light from various angles to capture the best features of your tangible products. 

Tip: Take your item outside or shoot by a window

Tip: Adjust your item until your photo is lit from two sides (ex: front and left or top and right

Clean your lens...please.

A dirty lens will ruin a great shot every single time. Take the time to remove oils and debris from your phone or camera lens to minimize blur and light refraction in your photos.

Tip: Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your lens of visible and invisible dirt and fingerprints. Cotton clothing or paper towel can cause micro scratches in your lens making your photo quality worse overtime

Tip: Test your photo quality by pointing your camera at a light source. If the light refracts, clean your lens again and check for scratches

Add a human element.

Adding human element such as a face or hand to some of your product photos can help customers imagine themselves using your product. It can also help your customer make more accurate inferences about the approximate size of your product.

Tip: Your human element should not distract from the product. Model (or body) part should be clean and free of other items that can be mistaken as a product

Consider ditching the filters.

Filters can go from really cute to really misleading real quick. You may think heavily filtered or stylishly edited product photos are adding to your branding, but it may actually be distracting your customer from what you are actually trying to sell.

Tip: Leave elaborately edited product photos off of your sales page and consider saving them for your social media

Tip: When you do add filters, make sure they neither overexpose or darken your product beyond recognition

Oh...and be consistent.

Some of the best photography tricks have nothing to do with your camera. You can help your audience recognize your products by having recurring elements in your product photography.

Tip: Use the same background, model, setup, and/pose in every photo so that your audience recognizes your work immediately.

Time to get right with the product photography gods!!

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