Aliwaza’s is a subscription-based online boutique and selective multi-vendor platform that curates our favorite goods from around the web. We take special interest in creating opportunities and expanding the network and clientele of femmes of color* while maintaining a safe selling and shopping space for the same. By sharing our digital home, we hope to :

  • remind women and femme creative business owners of color to go where they are loved
  • promote self-care and wellness within the aforementioned communities
  • advocate for, practice and display partnership between women and femmes of color domestically and abroad.

This boutique is curated especially to give our customers a one-of-a-kind, magical experience while supporting what we love! By selling and purchasing products on Aliwazas.com, you are  growing and furthering our mission. Thank you.

Keep going!

Peace + Love,
Thee Aliwaza, Founder & Owner, Aliwaza’s






At a certain point I started feeling guilty for wanting nice things. Once I started making them [nice things] and saw the smile they put on the faces of my peers, that guilt and shame went right out the window. I DESERVE, DAMMIT.

- La Tetra O., Founder/Owner, Aliwaza's. Tweet

We wanted to create a shopping experience that make people who look like us smile. When you shop Aliwaza’s you get high end Self-Care for the Culture selectively curated by our team of self-care specialists bougie, Black Femmes. Our vendors from ’round the internet are serious and shameless af about delivering delicious care packages, literature and more to you, the deserving customer. We encourage women and femmes to indulge in the same care that we so generously give to others every day…sans the guilt. 

*= Aliwaza’s does not require sellers or customers to be femmes of color or discriminate against buyers and sellers based on race, color, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs or any other protected class.  Aliwaza’s is a market that has been and will continue to be enjoyed by all interested parties. We do, however, try our very best to maintain a safe selling and buying space for women and femmes of color.

Aliwaza’s is a subsidiary of She Dreams, LLC. For information about working with Aliwaza’s or other subsidiaries of She Dreams, LLC, click here or email us.