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Yoni steam treatment is an alternative to other reproductive methods because this therapy is all-natural and made with herbs that support the womb, uterus, and reproductive organs. If you want to detoxify and improve your menstrual cycles our natural herb treatment will do just that. If you are a woman of menopausal age and you are experiencing dryness and painful intercourse worry no more our yoni steam therapy for cleansing will soothe your womb and correct your issues. Say bye-bye to Irregular and painful cycles because this yoni steam treatment addresses those issues as well. If you want to use yoni steaming as a part of your wellness or increase elasticity of your Yoni this V therapy is for you as well.



  • Reduces symptoms of menopause including dryness and painful intercourse
  • Detoxifying the womb and helping to release toxins from the body
  • Help in letting go of stored emotions and tap into the feminine energy that is our creative pathway
  • Correct irregular or absent menstrual cycles
  • Helps to heal hemorrhoids
  • Reduce menstrual pain such as cramps, bloating, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding
  • Increases elasticity and aids in the vaginal restoration


Size 2 oz. ( 4 steams)


How To Use Yoni Steam

Step 1: Have prepared Yoni Steam Herbs
Step 2: Bring water to a boil in a large pot
Step 3: Add herbs to boiling water and cover pot and let simmer
Step 4: Allow herbs to steep for 10 minutes and stir occasionally
Step 5: Place pot of water under the chair, prepare to for squatting position with something to steady bowl to avoid burning, or place underneath toilet seat (If using a toilet: Make sure that your toilet is extremely clean. Once your toilet is clean you should wrap the bowl of steaming herbs in a cloth to protect your toilet)
Step 6: Sit over herb-infused water, wrap your lower body in a blanket or robe to keep steam in, and allow the steam to enter into your vagina for at least 20 minutes.


What To Expect After Steaming

Immediately following a Yoni Steam, you might feel extremely relaxed, emotional, or tired. In the days following, there are a number of things that women experience after Yoni Steaming. You might experience changes in your cycle, lighter period, release of dark blood and clots after or during periods of feminine awareness. Changes can come on quickly, or more subtly.

Avoid Yoni Steams if:

If you have an IUD

If you are bleeding

You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant

If you have an open wound or vaginal infection during steaming.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in


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