This Mom Created a Bath + Body Line to Affirm Her Son – Now She’s Sharing it With the World

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You walk sleepily to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Shoot. Out of soap. You reach in your stash and pull out a new box and reminded, “I AM BRAVE.”

This is your experience with bath and body products from HoneyMilk. The owner labels her products with affirmations inspired by a special someone.

Every morning, I say affirmations and manifestations with Noa [my son] before he gets out of the car to go into the school. It pumps him up, helps him practice his speaking and trains his mind to believe in himself.

It pumps him up, helps him practice his speaking and trains his mind to believe in himself. I had an epiphany a while back that I needed to give him that empowerment while speaking his greatness into the Universe...even if right now he doesn’t know what it means. So, because this business was started because of my son to help keep toxins out of his body, I’ve renamed all of my soap bars and a few more products to reflect that power. Now, when my customers buy their own bars, they will be empowered as well.

Michelle Hill, Owner, Honey Milk

From the Owner

At it’s core, HoneyMilk aims to provide a wild and plant-based, toxin-free alternative to skincare that focuses on healing from the outside in.

The truth is simple. Commercially produced bath and body care products contain fillers, artificial compounds and synthetic moisturizers that are alarmingly harmful and toxic to your body. These items include methyls, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and lots more that cause cancers, painful skin-conditions and unnecessary skin allergies.

HoneyMilk™ (originally Kissed by Koco) was created after Michelle’s son Noa was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. Michelle set out to learn everything she could about the causes of Autism. She quickly discovered how the simple things we put on our bodies and consume daily puts us at a higher risk for health and skin conditions.

So, what began as a way to keep toxins out of her son’s system has now grown into a genuine and authentic source for health conscious consumers looking for better skincare options nationwide.

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