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WELCOME TO ALTAFIA.COM-AFRO-CENTRIC FASHION SHOP NOW SUBSCRIBE Email Address SIGN UP OUR COMPANY Thrifty Diva Altafia & TAJ Ethnic Wear was born out of a necessity to bring Afro-American people closer to their culture-embracing an original style that holds utmost pride and esteem. The dashiki represents our ties to Africa, the resistance to conform to the norm, and the freedom to openly display our heritage. TAJ Ethnic Wear features culturally based clothing and attire for children so that they are familiar with the prestigious history that connects us all. So many times, melanated people are criticized and slandered for simply being of African descent. Thrifty Diva Altafia & TAJ Ethnic Wear seeks to diminish the false ugliness some may try to stain us with and highlight our genuine STYLE, CULTURE, AND PRIDE through fashion. My goal is to provide beautiful attire and accessories at a very reasonable price so that everyone can bask in the essence of unique style and grace.

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