Write Better Product Titles in Ten Minutes or Less

Write Better Product Titles in Ten Minutes or Less
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A product title should be relevant and compelling so that it convinces shoppers to click your listing, search result, or paid advertisement instead of the one next to it. When your product appears in an advertisement or as search result, a great title shows shoppers that you can provide exactly what they are looking for. Write better product titles in ten minutes or less when you enhance your titles using the tips below.

Call it what it is.

It is very tempting to title your listings the same way you name your products. Don’t. Your product name is not always representative of what the product is. For instance, you may have a body spray called “Mystique” and may be tempted to title your listing “Mystique.” Customers meeting your product for the first time may have to make some guesses about what you are selling. Make sure you title your product listings in such a way that it acts as a mini description.

Tip: You can use the products name accompanied by what it is and/or what it does.

Place important info upfront.

This is going to take some intuition on your end. When your ideal customer is looking to buy what you sell, what words do they search first? The item type? The color? Your brand? Whatever it is, make that search term the first few words of your product title and add other information in the order of importance. 

Tip: Search engines cut off long titles. Make sure you place the most relevant information before the cut-off point.

Tip: Do some Google searches to get an idea of what shoppers are searching for. The most popular product names will auto-populate in the search form

Eliminate superfluous words.

You may be tempted to throw as many words as possible into your title in hopes that you end up in as may search results as possible. Do not do this. Overwhelming shoppers with unnecessary words and forcing them to sift through fluff will often work against you. Trim the fat and keep the meat.

Tip: Use as many words as you need to accurately and briefly describe your product, but not so many that you begin adding unnecessary words or words that add no value to your title.

Follow a formula.

Simplify your product listing titles by constructing them the same way every time.We use six (6) product title structures that take the guesswork out of titling.

Tip: Experiment with product title formulas. Keep what works and adjust what does not.

Tip: Search your own products by name to see where you fall in Google’s search result.



Do you have ten minutes  or less to write better product titles? 

That’s all for now! Check out how some of our best selling products are titled! Follow our page on Facebook so you never miss a tip!

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