You Should Be Selling in an Online Marketplace

Because why leave money on the table?!

What is a Multivendor Marketplace?

A multivendor marketplace is an e-commerce store that is managed by a single administrator or administrative entity — the owner. The marketplace owner invites multiple sellers and allows them to sell their products on a common storefront. Sometimes these vendors sell commonly themed goods. Most often, though, multivendor marketplaces will allow their vendors to sell just about anything within their community safety and legal boundaries. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to determine whether their products are a good fit for the platform. 

Here are 5 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit from the Right Online Marketplace

1. Start selling with no e-commerce platform or card processor setup (right away or ever)

Multivendor marketplaces are a fast, easy and affordable way to reach customers NOW while you are waiting to build your own platform, in conjunction with your platform, or if you never intend to build one at all. With or without your own website, you can link your personal shop page to your existing website or direct your customers to your personal shop page link. 

2. Ethically capitalize on the marketing efforts of others

Someone had to say it. When you join a multivendor marketplace, you join a community of merchants that direct people to their shops on that platform. Customers, then, have the option of getting the goods they came for as well as other products that suit their taste. While every shop owner has their own unique page, your products are more likely to be seen by shoppers who weren’t aware of your brand or products.  

Additionally, Each marketplace does it’s own marketing on it’s own behalf — which is a win for you, too.

3. Offer your products where people are already looking for them

Our marketplace, Aliwaza’s, carries products and services sold by Black Women and Femmes. Our customers are comprised of various demographics who learn about our marketplace in multiple ways, however, our sellers and shoppers know they can come here when they want to purchase from a Black woman or femme. 

Adding your products to a marketplace where people are already looking to buy the type of products you sell or from sellers like you gives you a leg up in finding and speaking to your target audience. 

4. Testing

If you are nervous or still have questions about weather or not you want to offer a new product or service out in your own shop, test it out in a marketplace. Multivendor marketplaces allow you to test your products, prices, and best-practices in an established market. 

5. Convert real customers into into a captivated audience 

Usually it’s the other way around, right? You work hard to cultivate an audience and then you sell to them. When you sell on a multivendor marketplace, you can potentially earn a new audience member that is likely to buy again!

So…have you ever sold on a multivendor marketplace? What have been some benefits for you? Let us know below. Have a Black woman-owned brand?  Open a shop on Aliwaza’s! 


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